About My Practice:

About My Practice:

What happens when a square person is made to fit in a round hole?

Students with learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and other special needs benefit from the personal attention of the best practitioners. Often, however, these specialists communicate infrequently with each other about diagnostic information and their method of treatment for the student.  This can result in a disorganized, or even counterproductive, treatment plan.  As a diagnostician, teacher, consultant, and advocate, I work as a case manager to make sure regular communication occurs among the professionals, school, and especially the family.  This allows efficient and effective treatment, saving time and costs for the child and family.

My goal is to make sure that a child with special needs learns the skills they require to live their best adult life.

I define a functional adult life as 1) attending a job or university where they are successful and happy, 2) having mutually supportive social relationships, and 3) living as independently as possible.

My practice focuses on providing Case Management through Educational Consultations, Diagnostics, Advocacy, and Teaching.  My clients are families or guardians of learning different students and their children. I concentrate on  helping my clients navigate education in public and private schools and through other therapeutic interventions thereby providing long-lasting success into adulthood.

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