Carol Ann has been a godsend to us. Her teaching skills, experience, expertise and dedication, combined with her commitment and deep concern for our sons well being, have provided the foundation for his on-going educational success. 

While her primary focus has always been on giving our son the skills, tools and support needed to flourish, she has also been an invaluable advocate, negotiator and guide in conversations with the schools and administrators. Her help, guidance and friendship has directly contributed to our sons overall middle and high school experience Рand as a family, we are eternally grateful. 

Carol Ann’s rich experience has given her a deep understanding of school, teacher and district dynamics and her ability to empathize, communicate and reach productive, balanced outcomes in that environment makes her not only invaluable to students and parents, but also suggests she would be an asset working directly with schools by teaching and by providing teachers with plans, programs and counseling.

We don’t know what we would have done without her involvement and we highly, and gratefully, recommend her to anyone looking for a well qualified and deeply committed partner in their child’s education and over-all well being.”

Parent of high school student