My American Idol

My American Idol

James Durbin, My Guitar Gently Weeps
Update: James performed My Guitar Gently Weeps tonight, April 6, on Idol, dedicating it to his family in Santa Cruz. Sweet baby James…

Guilty Pleasure Confession:I love American Idol.

Mind you, suffering through Simon’s smug critiques was a challenge. Also difficult to watch in the past were the initial tryout weeks. Often, the producers would present a person to the judges who was clearly mentally ill or possibly on the autistic spectrum. This would be okay if the people presented could sing, but usually, their singing was absymal, and it was clear they were on TV for “entertainment value.” So much for human respect and dignity.

This year, however, it’s a new Idol. Who knew J-Lo is such a smart and empathic woman. Steven Tyler has been making my heart feel “Sweet Emotion” since junior high! Randy is still Randy, but at least every other word isn’t “dog” this year.

The absolute highlight is James Durbin. Wow! He rocks my world—and not only because he has served me a slice of yummy pizza in Capitola at Pizza My Heart. He is frank about his dual diagnoses of Aspergers and Tourettes. He performs brilliantly, with great emotion and connection. While his tics are visable when being judged (I’d twitch, too), and he seems a little awkward at times (witness his “tail”), James is all of his differences—unique and unbelievable vocal talent included.

Another confession: tonight I text voted on my iPhone for the first time.

Rock it, James!!!

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