My Son

My son is a very bright and energetic boy who really wanted to do well in school.  However, between his ADHD and “dyslexia”  (it is actually hard to define spatial perception issue, but we’ll just call it dyslexia for now) he was incapable of showing what he knew.  My son was frustrated with his performance in school.  Not only were his grades below his knowledge level, but his teachers thought the answer was just more practice at writing and more attention to detail. This ultimately lead to exasperated teachers and a stressed out little boy.

When I say stressed out boy, I mean serious stress.  He was always nervous about school.  Never relaxed very much and he had a nervous habit of pulling out his hair causing little scabs in his scalp.  This is a generally happy, bright boy who was not enjoying school at all.  When we enlisted Carol Ann she helped optimize the medicines for ADHD, advocated for him to have accommodations for his dyslexia (like using a computer in class), and taught him how to organize his schoolwork so he could track his homework and get it in on time.

More important than teaching him how to function, she made him feel good about himself. He no longer is stressed out at school.  He enjoys school.  He’s happy and relaxed.   Carol Ann showed how his strengths outweighed his differences and that he could excel in school, and he has.

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