A Collection of Thought Provoking Videos

TToday is International Autism Awareness Day. I am posting this video in honor of all the dedicated parents and professionals present today at the Stanford Autism Conference. Simply awesome.

Temple Grandin is the voice of Autism. She conveys the differences of the ASD brain from a strength based, and often humorous, perspective. She speaks to the Ted Brain Bank with authority, and compassion, which leads to understanding.

Temple is authentic. Watch this interview, shot after her Ted talk. It’s going well, but Temple seems to have something on her mind. Suddenly, she lets us all know what she’s thinking… watch what she does. Love her authenticity!

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

Taylor Mali is a former teacher turned Slam Poet and education evangelist. Expository writing is the essential skill all students must master to succeed in school and life. Written language, and spoken English are not the same thing. Watch, and laugh as he MAKES HIS POINT.

Another Taylor Mali rant. I’ve watched this one over and over. If you’d like to see the uncensored version, check uTube. This version was made for a teacher in-service workshop. Funny and poignant.

Quizlet is a free software program which is my student’s favorite study tool. It is quick and easy to set up for whatever subject they need to learn, and then Andrew has created several fun ways to learn and self test the content. The best part of this story (almost as good as the program) is the fact that Andrew designed and created this program because he needed a better way to study vocabulary words while he was in high school. Out of the box thinking, and brilliant!

Sal Kahn is a venture capitalist tutoring his cousins long distance. He posted their tutoring sessions on the web, and in the process, created the most powerful mashup of education and technology to date (IMHO). Kahn Academy is terrific for any student (and teacher, like me), but I believe it is especially useful for students on the Autistic Spectrum who often have difficulties learning in class. By watching a Kahn video BEFORE the concept is taught in class, the student is primed for better understanding and memory. Using Kahn to study after a concept is taught allows students to review as much as necessary without having to ask for help which sometimes feels bad. Kahn Academy allows everyone to Learn Differently! Mr. Kahn, if you’d like a teacher for writing, reading comprehension or social studies, I’m in.